Glyndebourne to support freelancers

Glyndebourne is launching a fund to support freelancer artists and creatives in the wake of the disproportionate effect the COVID-a9 pandemic has had on this sector.

Details of the Glyndebourne Freelancer Fund will be developed ths year but the Company has committed to ring-fence funds equivalent to 10% of the value of its annual freelancer costs, to support its contracted freelancers in times of need.

Sarah Hopwood, Managing Director of Glyndebourne, said: “Over the past 15 months, we have all become much more aware of the imbalance between performing arts companies and the freelancers who make up 70% of the theatre workforce. Glyndebourne will only survive and thrive if we can call on the skills and expertise of those people and we’re determined to play a part in helping to create a new, more equitable support structure for them. Whilst we can’t change the future for freelancers on our own, we can lead the way, so I am really delighted to announce the launch of the Glyndebourne Freelancer Fund.”

The Company said it suffered substantial financial losses when it was forced to cancel its 2020 Festival due to the COVID-19 pandemic and is forecast to lose millions more this summer. It survived the crisis thanks to its relatively strong financial position going into the pandemic and is now focused on ensuring it thrives long into the future through a combination of bold artistic programming and crucial investment to maintain its competitive edge.

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